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Re: [GraphViz is now free software]

> You were right to proceed on Benjamin's OK, but Benjamin, please be more
> careful next time in cases like this (where we didn't do something because
> the FSF demanded it).  It's polite to let RMS know first that the
> situation has changed; if he had heard that we've re-enabled graphviz
> before he heard that graphviz is now free, it would not have been pretty.

Ok. My understanding of the previous conversation is as follows:

1) object to DOT, in any form, in the Makefiles
2) objection to HAVE_DOT being the default
3) objection to graphviz-produced docs hosted on

The way this was resolved, or not resolved, previously:

1) punt to doxygen maintainer
2) patch, complain mightily, investigate graphviz replacements
3) remove generated docs, substitute replacement ones

Sorry if I was too optimistic on changing back #2. However, I think the
damage limited, and quite honestly, necessary if we are to get feedback
in a timely manner.

I will await feedback about #3 before proceeding to update the web pages.


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