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Re: PATCH: Eliminate uses of "sleep" in V3 testsuite

Mark Mitchell wrote:

Did you get the follow-up email I sent yesterday about the race condition in that test?

Sorry, I didn't read it, yet. I'm doing it now, but consider that I will be on vacations for
the rest of this week :(

I was hoping that you would comment, as you wrote the original test case, and as my proposed fix involves changing the test case in way that might be reducing the effectiveness of the test.

To be clear: I did write that testcase, but only following existing practice, as far as timing issues are
concerned. I'm still hoping to comment in a technically sound way, but in the meanwhile, I'm afraid
too many people are experiencing annoying time-outs.

Maybe, for the time being at least, you can just go ahead with your fixes to the testcase. As soon as
I'm back from my vacations, I will actually double check that the testcase is still testing what it should.
Or maybe you can do that? Would end the story...


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