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Re: Linking to doxygen docs

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
For doxygen to produce a tag file you have
merely to add a YES and a path.

I can make a patch agains if
it pleases you all.
If so, diff -u ?

Can you do this an re-generate so we can see what it looks like?


You mean, regenerate the documentation? Generating a tag file doesn't affect at all the generated documentation. It just creates a XML compilation of symbols, sort of, so that doxygen can read it as if to import it in another project's documentation.

For the example URL I posted, I point doxygen to the tag file I
made and to the online documentation provided, with this directive:

TAGFILES = @abs_top_srcdir@/docs/libstdc++-3.3.tag=\
--- gcc-3.3-orig/libstdc++-v3/docs/doxygen/	2003-04-29 20:54:53.000000000 -0300
+++ gcc-3.3/libstdc++-v3/docs/doxygen/	2003-08-01 14:18:29.000000000 -0300
@@ -901,7 +901,8 @@
 # When a file name is specified after GENERATE_TAGFILE, doxygen will create 
 # a tag file that is based on the input files it reads.
+#GENERATE_TAGFILE       = @outdir@/libstdc++.tag
+GENERATE_TAGFILE       = @outdir@/@html_output_dir@/libstdc++.tag
 # If the ALLEXTERNALS tag is set to YES all external classes will be listed 
 # in the class index. If set to NO only the inherited external classes 

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