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Re: Feedback on __mt_alloc?

Hi Stefan!

>I've been on vacation for a while and just wanted to check if anyone has 
>had time to test our proposal for an MT optimized memoryallocator (see 
> for details)?

That looks good to me, and seems to test well on linux and BSD.

>Basically we're thinking about where/how to go from here - the code is 
>now used in production on our end and if it's not of interest to the 
>libstdc++ project (right now anyway) we'll just post the code, updates 
>on as an option for users to try out if they like.

Certainly, it is of interest! I'd like it to be distributed with
libstdc++. It was my hope that somebody else would take care of doing
the integration work, however.

If you've already got the copyright assignment, etc, then it can be
integrated straight away. If not, please see:

My suggestion for integrating this would be:

1) move all non-required allocators and types out of
include/bits/stl_alloc.h and into separate files in ext/*_alloc.h.

2) add your allocator there

3) fixup the documentation.


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