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Re: g++ 3.2.x build problem

>>>>> Val Nets writes:

Val> Trying to build 3.2.2 on AIX/powerpc (3.2.1 had the same problem, but
Val> let's talk specific).
Val> Configured almost standard way, just giving my own --prefix and
Val> --enabling c,c++ langs only,
Val> and --disabled-shared (have my reasons):

Val> undefined reference to `typeinfo for std::bad_alloc'

Val> undefined reference to `vtable for __cxxabiv1::__si_class_type_info'

	These may be related to --disable-shared.

Val> P.S. while writing this message, got another experiment finished:
Val> configured the same way but without --disable-shared.
Val> this time, got assembler errors while compiling
Val> gcc-3.2.2/libstdc++-v3/src/
Val> /tmp//ccklu429.s: Assembler messages:
Val> /tmp//ccklu429.s:629: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.symver'
Val> /tmp//ccklu429.s:637: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.symver'
Val> /tmp//ccklu429.s:645: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.symver'
Val> .... and so forth .... -- 20 of them

	Which assembler and linker are you using?  AIX as and AIX ld, or
using the GNUPro stuff from the AIX website?  You need to figure out why
the libstdc++ configuration is choosing to enable "versioning on shared
library symbols".  When I configure GCC on AIX, this defaults to "no".
you can manually force it to be disabled using --enable-symvers=no when
libstdc++ is configured, but it should not have been choosing "yes" on AIX

	(By the way, you do not mention which version of AIX you are


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