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Re: [RFC] 9533: fourth iteration

On Sun, Mar 23, 2003 at 04:37:20PM +0100, Paolo Carlini wrote:
> this is my current best proposal.
> I don't think such kind of syntax:
> can really be used. Therefore I deal separately with the two cases
> (i.e., S_ISREG and S_IFREG).

OK.  We can do a _little_ better.

#if defined(_GLIBCPP_HAVE_S_ISREG) || defined(_GLIBCPP_HAVE_S_IFREG)
#   #define _GLIBCPP_ISREG(x) S_ISREG(x)
# else
#   #define _GLIBCPP_ISREG(x) (S_IFREG & (x))
# endif
    // Regular files.
    struct stat __buffer;
    int __ret = fstat(this->fd(), &__buffer);
    if (!__ret && _GLIBCPP_ISREG(__buffer.st_mode))
      if (__stdio)
	return __buffer.st_size - ftell(_M_cfile);
	return __buffer.st_size - lseek(this->fd(), 0, ios_base::cur);
    return 0;

> About ioctl, I haven't been able to find an example of a modern
> system having it in <ioctl.h>, not in <sys/ioctl.h> or <sys/filio.h>,
> therefore I'm relying on the code which I stolen from libjava:
> seems to work well there for a variety of different platforms.

It works on all the platforms I care about anyway.  

Nathan Myers
ncm-nospam at cantrip dot org

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