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Re: [Patch] Fix libstdc++/10097

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:

Yo Paolo, this looks good. Please make the created temporary files in
the testsuite start with tmp_*: see my last check in.


3- Return to 9701 to fix the second part: seems easy in
the light of some obervations from Nathan.
4- Finally return to 9423/9024, and then 9875/9178.

I would really like to investigate the idea of completely separate unbuffered/buffered filebuf classes for narrow and wide input. Petur proposed a wide one, but I think it's the way to go for both. I'll work on doing this, or at least a proof of concept, or getting to the point where I can explain it.

Great! To be honest, I have been mostly following smaller scale issues or, on the other hand,
performance issues, under Nathan's guide (the fix for 9701 will be half and half), far less this
kind of new design ideas. I look forward to see your work!

I really need to fix up the 27 testsuites. Ugh. If I do that, would you
please consider doing 21 in parallel? Ugh. If we both work on it I bet
we could get both done in the next week. Would you please, please
consider doing this important work with me this week instead? I really
need help with this, and you are the 21_strings maintainer. Or, we could
flip for it and the one who loose could do 27.

Indeed, Benjamin, you can count on my help. I will do 21, in parallel with 27, after the last pending commits affecting 27, before libstdc++/9701 and the other 27_io PRs, which will wait for a restructured testsuite.

Only one thing: I'm not so good at removing files and creating directories with CVS :(
Is it ok with you if, to be safe, I prepare the restructured set of directories as a tarball, and you commit the final changes?


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