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Re: Libstdc++-v3 memory leakage?

In article <20030312151124 dot GA54126 at compsoc dot man dot ac dot uk>,
Jonathan Wakely<cow at compsoc dot man dot ac dot uk> writes:

> See attached patch for my suggested changes.
> It adds these memory leaks to "things that look like bugs...", briefly
> explaining the situation and referencing the "tips for memory leak
> hunting" section pointed out by Benjamin, which already discusses how
> to disable the pool allocator.

Fine by me.  I did register Benjamin's "Grrr".  When someone volunteers
to update documentation, my default assumption is that it could always
use a "once-over" no matter when it was last written or studied. ;-)

I didn't know/remember that Benjamin wrote a whole section on valgrind

> There's currently nothing in the docs explaining that a one-off leak of
> a constant amount is not a leak, I like Loren's explanation in
> but I'm not sure
> it needs covering in the docs. Whaddya reckon?

There are already words that make it clear that the only configuration
under which we attempt to have zero "valgrind" reportable leaks is
when GLIBCPP_FORCE_NEW is set in the environment.

Please commit.


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