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Completely unexplicable (to me ;) behaviour of read (vs fread)


regtesting the fix for 7744, which I'm preparing along the
lines already discussed in detail, I'm seeing completely
unexpected failures in

Consider this sequence:

 fb_03.pubseekoff(0, std::ios_base::end);
 c1 = fb_03.sgetc();
 c2 = fb_03.sungetc();

Sungetc() calls pbackfail() which, then, calls underflow here:

  // At the beginning of the buffer, need to make a
  // putback position available.
  // But the seek may fail (f.i., at the beginning of
  // a file, see libstdc++/9439) and in that case
  // we return traits_type::eof()
  if (this->seekoff(-1, ios_base::cur) >= 0)

Inside underflow the new _M_file.xsgetn() is called, which, when
the last parameter is false means read instead of fread:

  __elen = _M_file.xsgetn(reinterpret_cast<char*>(_M_in_beg),
                          _M_buf_size, false);

The new xsgetn is:

 __basic_file<char>::xsgetn(char* __s, streamsize __n, bool __stdio)
   if (__stdio)
     return fread(__s, 1, __n, _M_cfile);
       streamsize __ret;
           errno = 0;
           __ret = read(this->fd(), __s, __n);
       while (__ret == -1L && errno == EINTR);
       return __ret;

The big mistery is that read (vs fread) in this situation returns _zero_
instead of one! No chars are read.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks once more,

P.S. I have already tried clearing O_NONBLOCK (as will eventually be the
case, after the fix for 9533), with no differences.

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