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Re: [Patch]: Corrected patch for stl_tree.h to improve performance andmemory usage

Loren James Rittle wrote:

> In article <3E667887 dot 6050302 at computer dot org> Gawain Bolton writes:
> > Ok, here I go again.  Please find attached a patch for stl_tree.h to
> > improve performance and memory usage.   This patch differs from the
> > previous one ( in
> > that all compile errors have (hopefully) been fixed  [...]
> > Once again, all and any feedback appreciated.
> Gawain,
> Again, sweet work.  I think you have nailed all of the performance
> issues raised.  If you ever answered the first time I asked in regards
> to your std::list improvements back around Feb 12, I'm sorry I missed
> it.  I have the same two issues (which now apply to both the list and
> tree improvements).
> First, do you[/Nortel --- where you posted from last month] have an
> assignment for GCC on file with the FSF?  Based on the informal
> 10-line rule, your work appears to be beyond a simple bug/performance
> fix.  Opinions on this point by other library maintainers?

Hi Loren,

Yes I suggested very similar improvements for std::list on 12th February as
you say (cf.  I
decided to concentrate on stl_tree.h first because it gives more added value
as it affects std::map, std::multimap, std::set and std::multiset.  I will
re-address std::list once the stl_tree.h changes are approved.

To answer your first question, I do not know if Nortel has an assignment for
GCC on file with the FSF.  Even worse, I do not know what this is and
wouldn't even know who to ask about such a thing.

I was not aware of the "10-line rule" but I do actually consider the patch
to be a simple performance/memory usage enhancement despite this informal

Thanks for your feedback,


Gawain Bolton                     | E-mail: boltong at nortelnetworks dot com
UMTS Development                  |
Nortel Networks                   | Voice:  ESN 579-3763   +33
Guyancourt, France                | FAX:    ESN 579-3009   +33

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