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Re: [v3] move locale cache to 3.3

>There were a couple of fixups to it, though.  I had to export _S_atoms_in and
>_S_atoms_out and reinsert _S_atoms to get check-abi to work.

Yes I noticed this too. Sadly, there were other things as well. Note,
_S_atoms doesn't have to re-appear as in your patch. It's no longer
used, and a symbol is provided for compatibility.

>Also, there were two latent bugs in ios_base::_M_grow_words.  First, we don't
>actually want to delete the _Words array if a new allocation fails.
>Otherwise, you could be calling callbacks that look for data that isn't there
>any longer.  The spec only says that badbit should be set, and if we delete
>the array, later callbacks will still be expecting that data to be there.
>Second, if the number is too large, we need to throw a failure exception if
>the exception mask has badbit set.

Assuming this is still a problem on mainline....

Can you post a patch for mainline with just this part? Actually, can you
just take this part out right now and then it can be applied to mainline
and gcc-3_3-branch seperately.

>What do you think?  The pword stuff is not quite as pretty, but it's still

I think it will work very nicely! Thanks for figuring it out.


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