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LSB inclusion of C++

I have been asked by Matt Taggart to forward this. Unfortunately I do
not have the time to participate in anything but an advisory role on
this effort.



Subject: LSB inclusion of C++

The Linux Standard Base ( ) is considering the 
inclusion of various API/ABIs around the C++ standard including (but not 
limited to)

* libstdc++ ABI
* calling conventions
* exception handling
* name mangling
* frame unroll
* vtable layout 

Fortunately for the LSB, there is already a wealth of specifications, test 
suites, etc. in this area. We hope to not have to do much original work, 
just point at existing things.

We are seeking the guidance of the C++ community to make sure that we 
include the right things and help resolve issues along the way.

We have created a mailing list for this effort,

Mailman subscription form at,
List archives at,

We expect the mail volume on this list to be fairly low, and the content 
mostly technical("standards bureaucracy" occurs on different lists). Please 
consider joining and participating at whatever level you like.


lsb-futures committee

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