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Re: verbose terminate() on by default

On Mon, Dec 23, 2002 at 08:41:36PM +0100, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
> Daniel Jacobowitz <> writes:
> | Step back... Phil, your most recent patch just changed,
> | if I'm looking at the right message.  That's in libsupc++.  But
> | verbose_terminate is in libstdc++.  I see a problem there; libsupc++
> | should not have link dependency on libstdc++, that defeats the point,
> | doesn't it?
> Good catch!
> But src/ should have been put in libsupc++/ in the first
> place.   
> It currenlty uses:
>    * free() // to free the storage allocated by the demangler
>    * abort() // which is already used in libsupc++
>    * fprintf() // which might be effcienly replaced by write() or puts().

OK.  I suspect both I and Alex would be happier if this were replaced
by a write () before putting it into libsupc++.  It still introduces
some new overhead potentially - write() drags in the I/O library - but
fprintf on a glibc system draws in _everything_ down to the wide
character and charset conversion code, which brings in the dynamic
loader.  Ew.

Daniel Jacobowitz
MontaVista Software                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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