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Re: per-file symbol versioning

>I think you're SOL on this one.

Yeah, pretty much what I've decided as well.

>> Is there a way to say, hey, for this file only use these rules? Or is
>> there a way to break apart the libstdc++ and libsupc++ symbol versioning
>> (which are now done at the same time as libsupc++ is a convenience
>> library) so that in the libsupc++ symbol-versioning file all the
>> namespace std:: symbols are not exported, and internal only?
>The convenience library is just a .a, isn't it?  Urgh...
>Since versioning is done on a per-output file, not per-input, it might
>be possible to insert an intermediate step in our build process, where
>multiple .so's are created and thus can use multiple version scripts.
>Then we take all the .so's and relink them into a single .so.  (Dunno whether
>that would preserve versions on the symbols or not.)

That seems like what I wanted to explore, but I couldn't figure out how
to express this in the current Makefile machinery.

I've done what I wanted to do with a little symbol file intaglio. In
doing that I found the __cxa_dyn_string exports. Ugh.

thanks though.


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