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Re: libverbose_terminate, pass 1 of N

>change to user code, usually main().  It Would Be Cool[tm] if the user could
>install this handler at link-time with -l, or at runtime with LD_PRELOAD.


>Here's a patch for discussion purposes.  It installs a libverbose_terminate,
>and I've verified by hand that using -lverbose_terminate or LD_PRELOAD
>both DTRT.  I've made an attempt at a testcase, but dg-output doesn't do
>what I thought it did; the testsuite log shows
>    PASS: ext/ (test for excess errors)
>    terminate called after throwing a `int'
>    FAIL: ext/ execution test
>                    === libstdc++-v3 Summary ===
>    # of expected passes            1
>    # of unexpected failures        1

don't know about this

>2002-12-19  Phil Edwards  <>
>	* src/  New file.

there is already a, so adding something like verb_term or
whatever seems confusing.

>+namespace __gnu_cxx
>+  static struct __Verb_Term_Preload
>+  {
>+    __Verb_Term_Preload ()
>+      { std::set_terminate (__gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler); }
>+  } __verb_term_dummy;

this is yet another naming convention. Please think about using

__[a-z]* or _[A-Z]*


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