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Re: basic-improvements merge status

On Dec 17, 2002, Mark Mitchell <> wrote:

>> OK, I will disable the transfromation for the moment.
> Thanks; that's fine.

>>> how to do the configury bits.  (One possibility is explicitly flags in
>>> the tm.h file.)
>> What do you think is the correct way to handle it?

> I'm not sure; I'm not a configury expert.  For a native build, I'd think
> we could use autoconf; for a cross-build, that's a little tougher -- but
> I'd think we could still do it.

There's nothing we can do, really.  The compiler is often built before
the C library, so it can't detect properties in it.  It has to know in
advance what transformations it can or cannot do.  I can't see
anything much different from, say, some settings in gcc/config that
enable or disable some of the functions, along with perhaps some
consistency check that detects functions that are present but whose
transformations are disabled, or those that are missing but enabled.

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