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Re: basic-improvements merge status

> Your patch to libmath/ is fine, but your ChangeLog entry
> should say libmath/, not
> >I am not configure expert, but can I detect the runtime library
> >properties in it?  (when we are building without glibc, we need to
> >rebuild anyway at least on Linux bootstrap, so this should be possible)
> >Other way would be to use target macro.  Something like
> >TARGET_C99_RUNTIME.  Ideal would be to push these functions into libgcc,
> >but I am not quite sure how this can be done (ie so they will be
> >overwriten by runtime).
> >What sounds sane?
> See:
> GLIBCPPP_USE_C99. This is on by default for gnu/linux.

Uh yes, I need something like that available in gcc itself and not
locked to GLIBC only...

> Keep in mind that tests for C99, and decisions on what to enable or
> partially enable WRT C99 support in the C++ runtime is a continuing area
> of controversy, especially with respect to wide character support.

In case we do have sinf and friends always defined by C++ runtime, this
is not problem as the names are reserved anyway.  I guess.

> -benjamin

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