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Re: [Patch] Qualify min(), max() and distance() in v3.

>| On the other hand, however, Benjamin said at some point, that he would
>| rather prefer dealing with just 2 branches (main and release), not
>| three or more!
>FWIW, I totally agree.

Thanks guys. 

However, I'm not the only person here, and we have to play nice with
everybody else. If you want to put this patch on BIB, please go right
ahead. If not, just queue it for mainline, as Gaby said.

I feel like the development process is a little congested at the moment,
but hopefully it will pass soon. It would be nice to have some target
dates for the gcc-3_3-branch, however, and a bit more communication
about what is going on, since the target release dates are hopelessly
out of date. At the moment it's kind of hard to schedule. From what I
understand, BIB is a direct merge into mainline after gcc-3_3-branch is
cut, then maybe the C++ parser, and then the AST branch stuff? 

Since there is so much potential upheaval in the middle and back ends in
the near future, we have to make sure to be good in the libstdc++-v3
space while all this stuff is going on.

Maybe we should just make a branch of mainline and keep all the
future-type patches there?


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