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Re: user-defined types and basic_string

On Friday, August 23, 2002, at 11:18 AM, Benjamin Kosnik wrote:

This makes the assumption that range(unsigned long) is a strict
superset of range(unsigned short).  If we were going to assume that,
why not just use "int" as int_type?
Could do. (Unsigned int though if value_type == unsigned short, oui?)

It seems int_type is one of the points where the generic templates start
to fall down...
One of several, yes. And, as Benjamin pointed out, a design defect
in the Standard Library is that the facets require traits information but
don't have a traits argument.

I don't think there's any good way to deal with this: either facets should
somehow go around making copies and equality comparisons without
using traits (in which case the apparent freedom of users to modify
the default behavior is just an illusion) or else facets should use
std::char_traits<charT> (in which case the apparent freedom of users
to pass a non-default traits class to the stream and streambuf classes
is just an illusion). I'm not sure which is worse. I don't think it's a good
idea to make lots of changes in the facet classes under the assumption
that the second choice is obviously better. This is probably something
to bring up with the LWG.

But the biggest problem, I think, is that specializing char_traits is just a
tiny piece of the work that users need to do to write a new character
type. Seems to me that anyone who's capable of writing a specialization
std::ctype<my_char> is more than capable of writing std::char_traits<my_char>,
and it'll be a specialization that's right, not just a generic version that's
almost right.

I vote for leaving the generic std::char_traits undefined.


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