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BSD test of ABI checker code

> I have not added Phil's work to my automatic tester yet.  I will get
> to it tonight.

OK, I have not tested Phil's idea yet but here are my results for
Benjamin's work on BSD (full glory of command sequence that "works"
ignoring extra commands I made have tried):

gzip -d <../abi_checker.tar.gz |tar xf -
[I see same results that Benjamin posted]
mv 3.2_symbols.txt 3.2_symbols.txt-linux
mv 3.3_symbols.txt 3.3_symbols.txt-linux
cp /usr/local/lib/
cp /usr/local/beta-gcc/lib/
bash ./
bash ./
mv 3.2_symbols-2.txt 3.2_symbols.txt

0 added symbols: 
3 missing symbols: 
0 incompatible symbols: 

Without the explicit `mv 3.2_symbols-2.txt 3.2_symbols.txt', I
received no error that file, 3.2_symbols.txt, could not be opened and
~2000 missing symbols were detected...

Of course, I moved the Linux baseline out of the way since we don't
export wchar symbols, etc and as predicted there are some trivial size
differences related to standard typedefs, etc.

FYI, on FreeBSD, we don't install libstdc++.5.X.Y only libstdc++.5.


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