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Re: [RFA] Fix libsupc++/

Neil Booth <> writes:

| Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:-
| > Neil Booth <> writes:
| > 
| > | B. Kosnik wrote:-
| > | 
| > | > This patch is conceptually fine, but what you need to do is edit
| > | > libsupc++/ and then auto-generate libsupc++/
| > | > 
| > | > (The best way to do that is, at the top level of libstdc++-v3:
| > | > aclocal; autoconf; autoheader; automake)
| > | 
| > | Ah yes.  Is there a specific version of autoconf etc. I should be
| > | using?  I have 2.13 and 2.50 of autoconf.
| > 
| > I think we are using 2.13 -- my base system comes with 2.52 but I
| > installed 2.13 just for V3 development.
| OK, I'll use 2.13.  I also have automake 1.5 only; it seems the old files
| are made by 1.4p-5 which I don't have.

Ah, I forgot to mention that.  Yes, I think any version of the 1.4
release series should be fine.  I didn't test with 1.5 though.

|  This scares me a little as the
| differences between the new and the old files are *huge*.  The following
| have all changed:
| M
| M aclocal.m4
| M
| M configure
| M include/
| M libio/
| M libmath/
| M libsupc++/
| M libsupc++/
| M po/
| M src/
| M testsuite/

As a rule (which has been annoying me), automake tends to touch
(recursively) any it finds.  What I usually do is to
locate the I know should be regenerated and remove others
that should not have been touched.  

But I suspect just committing all them should be fine.

Actually, if you look at the difference, you'll notice that it is mostly
about *formatting* (i.e. newlines replaced with spaces or vice versa).

| If you're happy, I'll go ahead and commit it, otherwise I'd appreciate
| it if someone else could do it for me.


-- Gaby

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