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Re: test cases for standard c++ lib. - ftp site

On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 12:32:51AM -0500, Sujatha, Narayanan (IE10) wrote:
> This is an out of topic question about the test suites.
> Can I download the latest test cases for standard C++ library? If so from
> which site should I do it? 

They're part of the GCC distribution.  Just get a recent copy of GCC, and
then look in gcc/*/testsuite.  Tests are being continually added, so the
released distribution will usually be a little out of date.  You can use
CVS to retrieve the current sources.

> I failed connecting to or
> "ping" or "ping" results in "Request timed out".

They are valid addresses; this is a network problem at your end.


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