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Re: preliminary libstdc++ ABI docs

> Mostly incomplete. Posted in a plea for help only. At some point, this
> information should be posted on the main web page, say right after
> configure options.

I'll add some hooks for this.

>   the complete list), but there is no version switch. Sorry. The GNU
>   Project recommends that

Was there more here that got dropped, or is this one of the bits that
needs filling in?

> If you see symbols in the resulting output with "GLIBCPP_3.x" as part
> of the name, then the executable is versioned. Here's an example:
>          U _ZNSt8ios_base4InitC1Ev@@GLIBCPP_3.1

Should that ABI version number be changed on the trunk?

Should that number have any relation to's libtool_VERSION,
which also tracks the ABI?  (Everyone remember that the "version" in the map
file is just a text string and does not need to be able to be "calculated"
like a libtool version would, or any other version for that matter.  I would
think that "3.1" should be either "3.2" or "5".)

Should a new GLIBCPP_foo inherit the symbols from GLIBCPP_3.1?  I think it's
supposed to work that way, but this breaks new ground for me.


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