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Re: [libstdc++] Problems with deques (patch included)

Phil Edwards <> writes:

| On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 01:14:56PM +0200, Peter Schmid wrote:
| > I deliberately reordered the data member declarations in such a way
| > to remove an abi breaking change with respect to the deque class
| > that is shipped with gcc 3.1. I believe abi changes with respect to
| [...]
| > in contrast to the 3.2 version (lines 385ff from stl_deque.h)
| > 
| >       _Tp**                _M_map;
| >      size_t               _M_map_size;
| >      allocator_type       _M_node_allocator;
| >      _Map_allocator_type  _M_map_allocator;
| *cuss words*
| *vile thoughts*
| *immature behavior*
| That would be my fault.  (Oh, for a "make check-abi"...)
| Your patch should go in, both to silence the warnings when a stateful
| allocator is used, and to match the ABI of the 3.1 series.  I'll do that
| shortly.

Before you do that, I'll you explain me why reordering the data
member declarations does minimize the ABI changes.

-- Gaby

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