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Re: [BUG] valarray_copy, with mask_array, libstdc++-v3

On Sat, Jul 06, 2002 at 10:36:53PM +0200, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:

> The example you gave doesn't support your claim:  You used it in way
> explicilty marked "undefined behaviour".
  no, i just sent in a patch and wrote some example-usage code
  as part of the email i sent.
  i am not going to send in the proprietary code that actually
  demonstrates the problem, for two reasons.  1) it's proprietary
  2) it is 500 lines of code which is 496 lines of code too many
  to demonstrate the fault.

  which still hasn't been examined, the patch still hasn't been

  the patch is 2 lines.

  why are you wasting my time like this?

> |  let's see if i can track the code and do your job for you to see
> |  if your statement is correct.
> I'm not sure such a tone is appropriate for productive discussion.
> Please, use a tone that doesn't sound unnecessarily insulting.
> | > This behaviour is undefined.
> |  
> |  please try not to talk such rubbish, and actually follow the plot.
> If you're going to use that tone in discussing this issue, I don't

 well if someone wants to take that tone with me, by fobbing
 me off with stupid "go read the standards" issues, i'll take
 whatever tone i desire.

 especially as you (plural) are being paid money to sort exactly
 these issues out, and i am not.

> think any point is pursueing it further.

 then the c++ standard template library will continue to
 have the bug i pointed out.

 which doesn't actually in the slightest bit bother me.

 i was only doing you - the maintainers - the courtesy
 of pointing out the issue.


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