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Re: What are being done about the dependecy_libs - problem?

> > and I've found the same references in the actual
> > anyways,
> Oh?  That would be a different bug.  Could you go into more detail?
Ok the situation is this:
I'm trying to create a rpm-package of gcc 3.1 and recompile as many redhat
packages as possible to improve speed and memory usage.

I've got two build directories that could be of interest for this problem:
/home/rawler/BUILD/gcc-3.1 - Where gcc is unpacked and also where all the
binaries are created.
/home/rawler/BUILD/buildroot/usr - Where gcc get's installed before
packaging the necessary files into the RPM. 

I've managed to create a package that was working fine at first, and I've
recompiled the kernel, xfree86 and qt without any problems. The problem
first appeared when I tried to compile kdelibs. Libtool then complained:
libtool: link: cannot find the library

This is my target path when building rpm's. When I discovered
this i did:
grep /home/rawler/rpm/ `rpm -ql libstdc++`

with the result:  
Binary file /usr/lib/ matches
Binary file /usr/lib/ matches
Binary file /usr/lib/libstdc++.a matches
Binary file /usr/lib/ matches
Binary file /usr/lib/ matches
Binary file /usr/lib/ matches

(/usr/lib/ was also listed, of course but I've modified it
The same thing goes for the libraries in the gcc package, they also
contain references to my buildpaths.

What the libraries contain is paths to the headers used in the package
(in /home/rawler/rpm/BUILD/gcc-3.1), I haven't found any other paths. I
haven't found any reference to/home/rawler/rpm/buildroot in ANY of the
files in my gcc rpm's or libstdc++, still this is what the kdelibs build
complain about.

The kde build still complains after I've manually fixed (Not
that it contained the path /home/rawler/rpm/buildroot/ anyways.)

I don't really know why this occurs. Clearly something is not right here,
but I don't know what.

Any ides?

// Ulrik

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