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Re: [PATCH] Fix libstdc++/7186

Phil Edwards wrote:

On Sat, Jul 06, 2002 at 12:40:00AM +0200, Paolo Carlini wrote:

it turns out that the PR can be fixed exactly in the same way of libstdc++/6642. Of course, I have also verified that the behavior for reverse_iterator is not affected (perhaps we can consider adding a *neg test for reverse iterators, here and for 6642, reminding the open state of DR280). Tested i686-pc-linux-gnu.

Since bkoz is offline for two weeks and some-odd days, I'm going to say
that this looks good to me.

Thanks Phil, indeed Benjamin asked to put in ASAP this kind of quite straightforward but potentially ABI-breaking changes.

+template <typename _Tp, typename _RefL, typename _PtrL,
+ typename _RefR, typename _PtrR>
+inline typename _Deque_iterator<_Tp, _RefL, _PtrL>::difference_type
+operator-(const _Deque_iterator<_Tp, _RefL, _PtrL>& __x,
+ const _Deque_iterator<_Tp, _RefR, _PtrR>& __y)
+ return _Deque_iterator<_Tp, _RefL, _PtrL>::difference_type

I'm surprised that there doesn't need to be another 'typename' here.

I will check this bit. Thanks!

I haven't followed the state of these changes on the branch.  Is this
something that should be queued for 3.1 after a while, or is the branch
unprepared for this change?

I think this should wait for the completion of the ABI docs Benjamin is preparing. It seems to me that the changes affecting std::deque (6503, 7186) may be safely moved to the branch without breaking the ABI in any sensible meaning, perhaps not so those affecting __normal_iterator (6642).

Ciao, Paolo.

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