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-ffunction-sections always on now?

RE: 3.0.2 PATCH: Fix libstdc++ testsuite for multilibbed targets

3.1 1022 libstdc++ FAIL:21_strings/{ctor_copy_dtor,insert} exec if arch == i686

[libstdc++ 1/3] I am moron, watch me grep

[libstdc++ 2/3] Explain licensing of library code and docs

[libstdc++ 3.0 branch] Documentation merge

[libstdc++ 3/3] FAQ: reopening a stream, not clearing the state

[libstdc++] (2/2) More html->xhtml and "tolower"ing

[libstdc++] Minor doc tweaks

[libstdc++] remove __compare_and_swap

[libstdc++] Notes on threading and I/O

[libstdc++] check the wchar_t limits facility

[libstdc++] quote StyleSheet attribute values

Re: [libstdc++] remove __compare_and_swap

[PATCH] Fix stl_deque.h for -fno-exceptions

[v3] libstdc++/4749

[wwwdocs/libstdc++] (1/2) More html->xhtml and "tolower"ing

Re: automatic conversion to new libstdc++-v3

c++ debugging hosed

Re: correct uses of _Bool in type-traits.h & instantiations

Re: CRIS port, part 4: libstdc++-v3 parts

Dead Lock in singe threaded application

Duplicate symbol "std::__timepunct<char>::_M_put_helper(char*, unsigned, char const*, tm const*) const"

EOF after __copy_streambufs

ext/hash_map and configure checking

functional patch (cv propagation nightmare)

GCC 3.0.1 build for sh-coff and sh-hms targets

How to enable the long long IOSTREAM-OPs (gcc-3.0.1, Unixware 7.0.1)

HP-UX 11.00 gcc-3.0.1/binutils-2.11.2 - depends on libgcc.

in_avail() bug. Nobody cares??

in_avail() error. Major compliance problem

INSTALL_DATA, was Re: sep-2001 libstdc++ outstanding

Installation problems with gcc 3.0.1

kernel support

Last call, documentation patches... last call...

libstdc++ cpu/bits for x86-64

Re: libstdc++ Digest 27 Oct 2001 17:44:30 -0000 Issue 727* linker option does not exist for Linux 7.0

Re: libstdc++/4532

Re: libstdc++/4533

Re: libstdc++/4534

Re: libstdc++/4536 ostream seekp & istream seekg should scope failbit

Re: libstdc++/4537

Re: libstdc++/4538

Re: libstdc++/4539 locale::combine should be const

Re: libstdc++/4541

Re: libstdc++/4543

Re: libstdc++/4545 basic_ostream op<< should set badbit, not failbit

make check-script weirdness

memort stream

Re: Memory allocators / STL

Multithreading and version 2.95.2

Named locales do not work on the main line

Patch to remove _Bool from type_traits.h

PATCH: _Atomic_swap implementation for g++-v3/bits/stl_threads.h

PATCH: Correct misinformation

PATCH: fix lots of broken links

patch: fstreams should check results of close()

PATCH: libstdc++/download.html

PATCH: libstdc++/index.html

Re: Problem with `string', threading and shared libraries.

Problem with on-line documentation for libstdc++

Proposal for the 'long long' problems

Pseudo-unreviewed patches

Question/problem related to _Bool in type_traits.h

recursive mutex?

Release criteria (was Re: Multithreading and version 2.95.2)

Request for help with libcwd

Rewrite of __default_alloc_template<> (was: recursive mutex?)

sep-2001 gcc* outstanding

sep-2001 libstdc++ outstanding

Severe wchar_t limit problems

Spelling patch: s/seperate/separate/

status of C99 math functions in newlib WRT libstdc++ crosses


Strange stream behaviour

undeclared function

Update of threading documentation in chapter 23

valarray assignment

We got the duplicate symbol problem too

Writing to ostreams from operator new.

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