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Re: gcc-3.0 libstdc++-2.92 can compile:

On Sun, Jun 24, 2001 at 12:25:39AM +0200, Roberto Diaz wrote:
> > > And then how is that the libstdc++ shipped with gcc-3.0 which is suppossed
> > > to be an updated version compiles without problems?  
> > Sorry, I don't understand your question.  You were complaining that when
> > you replaced the one shipped with gcc 3.0 with an older snapshot, it didn't
> > work.  It should work fine if you don't do that.
> I am not complaining.. just you say that I can not install
> libstdc++-v3-2.92 because a problem with binutils.. but I can install the
> newest version shipped with gcc-3.0 with the same binutils.. I does not
> make sense for me.. thats all.

It wasn't binutils.  Jason corrected me; it's an out-of-date libsupc++
(which comes with libstdc++).

libstdc++ 2.92 has been replaced with the version that ships with gcc 3.0.
You should not try to replace the newer code with the older code.


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