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Re: problems porting Common-C++

Felix Natter <> writes:

> hi,
> I am currently trying to port commoncpp (Common-C++, can be found
> on a GNU-mirror) to gcc 3.x, and I have a few problems:
> - i/ostream::init(streambuf*): make this publicly accessible ?:

Sorry, this is wrong. The real problem is that commoncpp uses
the empty constructor of iostream (or ostream or istream), which
libstdc++-v3 does not provide. The code looks somewhat like this:
TCPStream::TCPStream() : std::streambuf(), std::iostream()
and I hope that this will work:
TCPStream::TCPStream() : std::streambuf(), std::iostream(this)

there is one more problem (in the demo directory):
- unsetf(std::ios::binary) missing:
tcpthread.cpp: In constructor `myTCPSession::myTCPSession(cc_TCPSocket&)':
tcpthread.cpp:88: no matching function for call to `myTCPSession::unsetf(const 
/opt/gcc3/include/g++-v3/bits/ios_base.h:340: candidates are: void 

the code is this:
myTCPSession::myTCPSession(TCPSocket &server) :
TCPSession(NULL, server)
	std::cout << "creating session client object" << std::endl;

Felix Natter

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