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Re: Dynamic linker problems on Solaris

In article <> you write:

> ... sorry for the intrusion... I'm pretty sure that you need something
> *much* recent than 2.10.1 !!! (2.11.1 is forthcoming: a test release is
> already out)


>> ./a.out: fatal: relocation error: R_SPARC_32: file
> /pf/u/u232017/lib/  symbol __gxx_personality_v0:  offset
> 0xef784bda is non-aligned

I have upgraded my solaris2.7 machine to binutils 2.11.1 (prerelease)
from around June 8.  I have a gcc source tree updated past Nathan's
patch (and my binutils passes his test).  I did a complete rebuild of
libstdc++-v3 in an already bootstrapped tree (which itself was first
brought up to date with `gmake -C gcc quickstrap').  I agree that the
above referenced problem is now gone (someone closely related to the
solaris port should update gcc/doc/install.texi since this binutils
version issue is not discussed there).  However, if I don't use
-static, I still see a run-time problem that I will not be able to
investigate before the release.  It may or may not be the "original"
dynamic linking problem mentioned in install.texi.


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