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Re: PATCH: Provide runtime intialization of _STL_mutex_lock class (revised)

In article <>,
"John David Anglin" <> writes:

> 4) Added an additional call to __gthread_once after the global lock has been
>    obtained to try to further ensure that the initialization of _M_lock works
>    correctly on multiprocessor systems.

I am happy with everything except adding a __gthread_once_t to a
struct that might be an automatic (note that _STL_mutex_lock is used
in _STL_auto_lock which is clearly intended for that use):

struct _STL_mutex_lock
 // GCC extension begin
 #if defined(__STL_GTHREADS)
+  // The class must be statically initialized with __STL_MUTEX_INITIALIZER.
+  int _M_init_flag;
+  __gthread_once_t _M_once;

In pthread_once(3) on FreeBSD, I see this:

     The behavior of pthread_once() is undefined if once_control has automatic
     storage duration or is not initialized by PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT.

_Programming with POSIX threads_ by David R. Butenhof has a similar
warning on pg 132 regarding the fact that pthread_once_t must be
statically initialized (in the C sense).


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