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Re: PR3042

>>>>> Gabriel Dos Reis writes:

Gabriel> I'm confused as to why you're bringing "xlC name mangling" into this
Gabriel> discussion.

	Because MARK(!) brought them into the discussion.  This is really
getting annoying.

    David>      Your proposal breaks G++ compatibility with IBM's
    David> compilers in a gratuitous way.  

Mark> This is a non-issue -- there is already no compatibility with IBM's
Mark> compilers.  There's nothing to break here.  IBM's compilers use
Mark> entirely different methods of managing template instantiation from
Mark> G++, and this makes everything different, including what storage
Mark> classes it makes sense to use for particular symbols.

	While xlC uses different name mangling, Mark's statement about
template instantiation is false.  xlC has various template instantiation
options.  The default behaves similar to G++'s current behavior.  G++
currently does not implement the more complicated solutions which would
allow all of the correct semantics on AIX.

	Arguing that because G++ is not compatible with xlC in some
(important) ways, does not give G++ license to gratuitously add more
incompatibilities in behavior.  There *IS* some compatibility between G++
and xlC.  Just because one cannot link the object files together does not
mean that the rest of the argument can be ignored.


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