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Re: PR3042

David Edelsohn <> writes:

| 	Beyond that, you and Gaby do not seem to want to step back and
| even try to understand my arguments in the general sense.

I would like you don't personalize the debate -- that won't buy us 
anything but miscommunication. Not just because I don't favor Jason's
proposal means I don't undertand the arguments.  Jason's proposal has
pros and cons (as does Mark's) but as someone who has some experience
with C++ programming, I think the difference in behaviours of some 
program constructs araising from Jason's proposal makes it a lesser
consistent work-around than Mark's.

| ...  For instance, I
| don't care about xlC name mangling and that is a red herring argument that
| ignores the discussion.

I'm confused as to why you're bringing "xlC name mangling" into this

I would really appreciate much you try to understand the issue
(implicit instantiation implementation in G++ on AIX) and proposals at
hand instead of trying to personalize the debate.  It is crucial that
you undertand the language semantics under discussion here.
Otherwise, we'll have nothing but ill-communication.

-- Gaby
CodeSourcery, LLC             

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