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Re: PR3042

	There is no difference between Jason's and my proposal.  COMMON
symbols in shared libraries works on AIX with the correct linker options.
Note that this only is a problem with shared libraries because COMMON
works just fine with static linking.  Your proposal would change G++
semantics on AIX and other non-WEAK platforms even for the normal case of
static libraries and static linking.

	Your proposal breaks G++ compatibility with IBM's compilers in a
gratuitous way.  I also have discussed your proposal with members of IBM's
compiler development organization.  All feedback was that your proposal
was incorrect and courting trouble.

	I am at a disadvantage in this discussion because I am not
familiar enough the C++ standard and the terminology of the standard.  I
do not know how to get you and Gaby to stop fixating on implicit
instantiation requirements and look at the broader precedent among
compilers for flexibility with respect to template instantiation versus
static class members.

	Having "static" stop working for static libraries seems like more
surprise to me, not less.


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