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Re: V3 and cross-compiler (AIX 4.3 64-bit mode)

>>>>> Mark Mitchell writes:

Mark> I think that limits.h and friends should actually live in CVS and be
Mark> specified by the target configury.  Then, we just rebuild 'em all when
Mark> the gen* program changes, and check in a new version.

Mark> In other words, I think having the ability to generate them
Mark> automagically is very useful, but we shouldn't be doing it every time
Mark> we build the compiler and libraries.

	I would much prefer to define these parameters in
libstdc++-v3/config/os/aix/bits/std_limits.h depending on __64BIT__ macro
and not worry about inquiring at build-time.

	I am not sure what to do for the GCC 3.0 release.  The current fix
now prevents creating a bogus file, but the ppc64 multilib fails and
building all libraries exits.  The failure is sort of artificial because,
unlike the link failure on Irix, everything can be built on the 32-bit AIX

	While src/ is the same, include/bits/std_limits.h
presumably is not (for "long int" in LP64 mode).  Any suggestions on how
to work around this for the GCC 3.0 release?

Thanks, David

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