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Re: V3 and cross-compiler (AIX 4.3 64-bit mode)

>>>>> "Benjamin" == Benjamin Kosnik <> writes:

    >> How is one suppose to create for a
    >> cross-compiler?  Is there any way to teach V3 configuration to
    >> re-use the 32-bit instead of failing to run a
    >> 64-bit application on a 32-bit system?

    Benjamin> One is supposed to punt to the generic 32-bit version.

I think we GNU folks have gotten to auto-happy. :-)

There's no point of regenerating limits.h all the time -- it's the
same on every x86 GNU/Linux box, etc.  And any change in such a file
over time represents a like ABI change -- a major even that we should
want to know about.

I think that limits.h and friends should actually live in CVS and be
specified by the target configury.  Then, we just rebuild 'em all when
the gen* program changes, and check in a new version.

In other words, I think having the ability to generate them
automagically is very useful, but we shouldn't be doing it every time
we build the compiler and libraries.

This is another issue that we should try to solve in the 3.1 time

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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