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Re: Adding _eh.o frame-dwarf2.o to

> Now I see the problem.  It's that I've got libtool.m4 installed in
> /usr/share/aclocal, but not in /n/gnu/automake/share/aclocal, whose
> aclocal 1.4 I've been using.  As soon as I use /usr/bin/aclocal and it
> finds the out-dated installed libtool.m4, I get the same errors you
> do.
> The good thing is that the solution is very simple.  Replace the last
> lines of the patched acinclude.m4 with:
> sinclude(../libtool.m4)
> dnl The lines below arrange for aclocal not to bring an installed
> dnl libtool.m4 into aclocal.m4, while still arranging for automake to
> dnl add a definition of LIBTOOL to
> ifelse(,,,[AC_SUBST(LIBTOOL)
> ])

Cool. We are both on the same page now. Yes, with this change things work 
again for me, with no dependency on what autoconf/automake being used.

For what it's worth, I can use the standard autoconf/automake now, for 
whatever reason, so I'd like to use the net releases instead of random 
drops of automake/autoconf. 

I'd like to see this patch go in. Do you want me to check it in, or 
should you do so? It would be nice if this could go in today...


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