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Re: Installing gcc v2.95.2 with libstdc++-v3 (or 2?)

On Jul 27, 2000, "James F. Carter" <> wrote:

> does not configure libio or libstdc++

`make bootstrap' should configure and build both of them in the
subdirectory sparc-sun-solaris2.5, after building the compiler that
will be used to compile them.

>     2.  As compiled, g++ expects libstdc++ v3

Nope, it's really v2 with API number 3.  

> I see that most functions in libstdc++ are in T status (implemented pending
> tests) or V status (passed test suite), but quite a number are S (stub
> only) and X (partially implemented or known buggy).

This question is more appropriate for the libstdc++-v3 development
mailing list.  I don't know the answer.

>     4.  Good news for a change: we have tcl/tk 8.0 and thus are unable
> to compile dejagnu-1.3

DejaGNU 1.3 is *very* old.  You'd better use the snapshot available in
the GCC infrastructure web-page.

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