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Re: [patchlet] Re: <sstream> bug?

On 24 Jul 2000 at 12:13 (-0700), Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
| ugh i found it: it has to do with ordering the while statement expression:
|     while (!__testeof && ++_M_gcount < __n && !__testdelim)

yah. I just caught that :)

| i re-ordered this to be consistent with the other MF's. this was wrong, 
| sooooooo....
| oh well. the whole ++_M_gcount < __n compound expr is a no-no as far as 
| GNU coding standards go, so this should be changed if possible.

Sorry to be such a pain, but why would this be a no-no?

... parens could be put around the (++_M_gcount < __n) test,
but I get the feeling this would not make it compliant with the
GNU standards ...

It is quite important that the tests happen in this order -- taken
straight from the 14882. otherwise, we'd have to move the tests
back inside the while(){}

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thank you :)

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