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Re: [patchlet] Re: <sstream> bug?

On 24 Jul 2000 at 10:31 (-0700), Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
| Yeah. I suggest you read the reflector messages about this behavior, as 
| there has been a buch of discussion about it.

what are the 'reflector messages', moreover, where do I find them?

| Improving consistency is nice.
| Umm. .... anyway. This patch is in, but a couple of things:
| 1) please use GNU coding style

gotcha. sorry... :\
| 2) looks like some breakage in istream_unformatted still. I'll try to 
| scope it today but if you get a chance before I do I'd welcome patches.

strange. I don't see the failure with my compiler. I'm building a fresh
libstdc++-v3 tree right now, as mine currently contains the hacked
sentry ctor... If I see the problem, I'll submit a patch by late today.


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