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Re: Thread deadlock problem with cout

Levente Farkas writes:
>Craig Rodrigues wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I downloaded the latest snapshots of libstdc++ from
>> I am running:
>> glibc-2.1.91-2.i386.rpm
>> gcc-2.96-33 .i386.rpm
>> gcc-c++-2.96-33.i386.rpm
>> libstdc++-2.96-33
>this is NOT a libstdc++-v3 !!! this is the v2 version!
>I discuss it with jakub and the current (internal) rawhide rpms
>descriptions fix not to state as it's a libstdc++-v3.
>redhat currently not and in 7.0 won't suuport v3.

Understandably so.  libstdc++-v3 has a long way to go before it's release quality,
and it's going to break everybody's code who's been writing against libstdc++-v2
(even though it libstdc++-v3 aspires to be standard-compliant and people *should*
be writing standard-compliant code, the reality is that people wrote their code
to compile with libstdc++-v2).

Furthermore, the gcc-2.96 series is highly experimental and I don't think Red Hat
would want to commit to compiling their whole distribution (including the kernel,
which may have some weird interactions with the new compilers).

There's no real challenge to building and using a libstdc++-v3 on the same system as the
normal (old) gcc RPMs.  I just install the new CVS compilers in /usr/local (or /usr/local/gcc)
and use the PATH variable to select which g++ (and libstdc++) gets used.


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