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Re: [bug] istream::getline(char*,streamsize) still broken

> | over it - 1 (4) would be incorrect.
> ...hmm
> says:

extracts chars and stores them into successive locaitons of an aray whos 
first element is designated by S. Characters are extracted and stored 
until one of the following occurs:

1) eof

2) c == delim

3) n - 1 stored

conditions tested in order shown

> ... so we canmust extract n characters

no, not if n - 1 are stored. Then no more are extracted...

> character is the delimiter. I still believe the patch to 
> will enforce proper behavior. It does cause a couple of failures (bad 
> tests IMO) in the testsuite, which I will address/justify when I get 
> a breather :) I _seriously_ believe the tests in the original message 
> accurately enforce the std.

Hmm. You haven't proven your case


In anycase, a patch that admits testcase breakage is probably a better 
way to go, so next time at least note that things broke (or make the 
changes and add commentary--which is by far the superior solution.)


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