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Re: where is iostream.h, fstream.h, ...

On 07 Jul 2000 at 01:36 (-0600), wrote:
| Old style header names like iostream.h, fstream.h are not part of the
|   ISO C++ standard. The standard names have no .h . (e.g. iostream, map
|   list, etc)

On a similar note: 
  Would it be sane to shipmake available a set of 'compatibility' 
  headers similar to the following?

brent@sleepy$ cat ./iostream.h
#warning <iostream.h> is not a standard c++ header
#warning update this code to use <iostream>
#ifndef __NONSTD_HACK__
#define __NONSTD_HACK__
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

I ask because I've had to do just this to get some old (rather, 
noncompliant) code to compile with a libstdc++-v3 gcc. If there
is any interest, let me know and I'll start on this when I get
a spare moment.


Damon Brent Verner                        o      _     _         _
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