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Re: undefined symbol __dso_handle

Roland Polzer wrote:
> >> I am using Suse Linux 6.4 with GNU as version
> >Update your binutils to >.42, or downgrade to <.20.
> No change. This is really really frustrating. I have wasted so much time with
> this STL library and NOTHING WORKS. I cannot run the simplest program on
> Solaris 8 for X86. It crashes in cout << "Hello";. So I try Linux.
> Then I cannot compile any of the applications I have tried (ICU, MICO). They
> all compile nicely with the old version of STL but then I cannot link with my
> main application (which needs namespaces and ios_base).
> I have wasted hours downloading and compiling various gcc and libstdc++
> versions. This was my last attempt with the CVS version. Now I give up and go
> back to Microsoft Visual C++. No problems there.

try gcc + STLport.
I've an rpm for both.

ps. i've got a poster on my wall with a stork and a frog in this beak
while the from's hand around the strock's neck. and the title:
don't ever give up!

 -- Levente
 "The only thing worse than not knowing the truth is
  ruining the bliss of ignorance."

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