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Re: Novice build question

On 06 Jul 2000 at 16:09 (-0400), Rick Schumeyer wrote:
| I've been trying to build libstdc++ on a Linux box (RH 6.2) for days now
| without
| success.  Let me back up and ask some basic questions.
| First, what version of gcc should I be using? There is gcc-2.95.2,
| and also egcs-20000703 ?


| What version of libstdc++ should I use ?  Again, there is
| libstdc++-2.90.8 and I also found a 20000420-libstdc++-v3.

please use cvs sources for libstdc++.

If you can wait til later this evening, I'll be posting a
that explains whAt I have found necessary to compile, on a 
regular basis, current libstdc++-v3 cvs sources. I will 
also provide a (hopefully working :) script to automate
the process...

... stay tuned.


Damon Brent Verner                        o      _     _         _
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