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Re: bugs: gcc with stdc++-v3, rawhide's gcc, stlport, cxxrt

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
> Levente,
> Instead of using an rpm, the instructions for using libtdc++-v3 are

the rpm is just to be able to follow which files are installed and be 
able to delete them later. there are dozen of files so it's not so easy to 
track down which belongs to gcc.
and anyway those who made the gcc rpm in rawhide belive they compile it
with v3 which is not true.

> geared toward using source distributions. Becase of this, they depend on
> the stability of gcc, et. al. Figuring out what sources to use is a bit

yes but after _somebody_ ONES figuerd out the right configure, make,... 
options this's not a problem anymore. if the libs name not changed and
everything under include/g++* belongs to stdc++ than the spec file for
the rpm works (a other part of the gcc like objc, chill... not changed:-)

> of an art....

a bit? it seems you are quite modest:-) I've compiled gcc for aix, solaris
and linux (although it was 3 years ago and use the release tar ball) but
it much more difficult.

 -- Levente
 "The only thing worse than not knowing the truth is
  ruining the bliss of ignorance."

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