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Re: bugs: gcc with stdc++-v3, rawhide's gcc, stlport, cxxrt

On 06 Jul 2000 at 17:49 (+0200), Levente Farkas wrote:
| hi,
| after I spending many days try to build a gcc rpm (since I hate install 
| anything from tar ball (or make install)) which contains the
| latest snapshot of gcc with stdc++-v3 (ie. the latest standard c++ library) 

[ snipped ]

| so after that I'm really don't know, nobody use c++ on linux (or at least 
| use without need a good standard c++ library) or they install it manualy
| and more clever than me ?

not more clever, I just tried all possible combinations (a script that
ran for a long, long, long time) and finally found a reliable combination.
atleast reliable enough for my purposes.

grab gcc-20000619 snapshot (either cvs or via ftp)
rm -rf libstdc++-v3 from the snapshot
cvs the most recent libstdc++-v3
make a build dir parallel to the $SRC_DIR and configure it with:
  ../${SRC_DIR}/configure --prefix=${INSTALL_PREFIX}             \
              --enable-libstdcxx-v3 --enable-threads=posix       \
              --enable-long-long --enable-cshadow-headers        \
              --enable-namespaces --enable-languages=c,c++

this works for me. you may get snagged by the -Werror failure,
but can circumvent this.

also, my binutils have been patched as suggested in
(versions binutils- and binutils-, known to work
 with this patch, though not _sure_ if it's necessary for the 
 2.10.9 release)

btw, I'm writing a script that will automate these steps, so if you'd
like I can send it to you later (for me) today after I get time to 
finish it.


Damon Brent Verner                        o      _     _         _
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