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Re: [ failure notice]

On 05 Jul 2000 at 11:24 (+0300), Yotam Medini wrote:
| It seems that Josuttis's book, SGI's STL and thus gcc's libstdc++ have 
| a _wrong_  void  return type  for:
|   void  std::map<T>::erase(map<T>::iterator pos);
|   void  std::map<T>::erase(map<T>::iterator first, map<T>::iterator last);
| where they should return an iterator to past what was erased:
|   map<T>::iterator  std::map<T>::erase(map<T>::iterator pos);
|   map<T>::iterator  std::map<T>::erase(map<T>::iterator first, 
| 				       map<T>::iterator last);
| Please clarify and/or fix.

Where did you get your info?  My copy of 14882 says this about map<>. element access:

  void      erase(iterator position);
  size_type erase(const key_type& x);
  void      erase(iterator first, iterator last);

(note, I checked the issues list and found nothing relevant to this)


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