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Re: [OT] Comments on Dinkum C++ lib for GCC? ...


> If you're testing libstdc++-v3 and finding problems, I encourage you
> to 
> participate a bit more actively and send patches. I have yet to see 
> any contribution from you, and am eagerly awaiting your findings.

What I have done is to run my testsuite on libstdc++. The testsuite is
freely available and can be downloaded together with my implementation
of the standard C++ library from <>
although new versions will probably be available from somewhere else
(because I have changed the employer). Since I consider libstdc++ to be
competition to my own implementation, CXXRT, I hope you understand that
reporting bugs to libstdc++ is not my highest priority...

The results of running the testsuite gave less than a dozens errors on
Dinkumware, about 30 errors on my implementation, about 50 on STLport,
and over 100 on libstc++ when I run it last time. All numbers are for
gcc-2.95.? on a Linux/x86 machine. My testsuite concentrates on the
IOStreams and locales area but also tests stuff outside this area. It
is not a complete coverage of IOStreams and locales and has only few
tests on named locales/facets and file streams (that is, these areas
are not covered sufficiently; this coincides with the areas where my
implementation is incomplete...).

I will try to run my testsuite on your code in the near future on a
current snapshot but I cannot promise that I find the time to report
the problems in a different manner than the results of my testsuite.

If there are any problems with running my testsuite, please notify me
and I will correct problems and/or help running it.



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